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Dr Yap is an EFS and ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS).


She is one of only a small number of professionals with this accreditation in the UK.



Many people experience sexual problems at various points in their lives however, it is not always clear where to get help and people can feel very alone when faced with problems of sexual functioning. Sexual problems can negatively affect our relationships, quality of life, self-image, confidence and mood.

Common problems with sexual functioning in women include some form of pain during intercourse; some women may have a diagnosis of pelvic pain, vaginismus, dyspareunia etc. Common sexual problems affecting men include erectile and ejaculatory difficulties. Problems with low desire or low libido can affect both sexes. For sexual problems in general, there are a host of factors that can contribute to the problem including physical health problems, side effects of medications, substance misuse, lifestyle factors such as smoking and excess weight and psychological factors. Often, a combination of factors interacts to cause or maintain the problem.


Why do Clinical Psychologists treat sexual health problems?

Clinical psychologists have expertise on the mind and how it works. It is often said that the biggest sex organ in the body is the brain. Our brain processes how we experience any given situation. It is unsurprising then that many sexual concerns have a psychological component. A Bio-Psycho-Social approach is increasingly recognised as the recommended treatment model for sexual problems. With this in mind, a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in sexual functioning will work within a holistic framework, looking at medical factors as well as psychological and relationship factors that might be causing the problem. They will have knowledge of medical factors that might be contributing to the problem, and the medical treatments. They can work with your GP to gain an overview of the factors relating to your difficulty.


What can I expect?

An initial assessment over one to two sessions will cover biological factors, relationship and psychological factors that might have contributed to the problem. From there, your specialist psychologist will come up with a treatment plan for you. You can have sessions singly or with your partner if you are in a relationship.Dr Yap has many years of experience working in the field of sexual health in the NHS and will help put you at ease in discussing your concerns. MindSurgery offers face-to-face and Skype sessions.  


Dr Yap is also passionate about extending her expertise to Ireland as Clinical Psychology is lacking in sexual health services within the HSE.  MindSurgery offers therapy via video-calling software such as Skype or Facetime to individuals and couples in Ireland. If you are not familiar with video-calling, we can send you detailed instructions on how to set this up. Video calling software is free to download and free to use. Therapy via video-calling allows you to see your psychologist (and vice versa) from the privacy of your own home. 




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