MindSurgery London  offers both bespoke and themed workshops and courses in Mindfulness meditation for businesses and individuals.


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The mind cloud (left) shows some of the key comments given (anonymously) by attendees of corporate and public sessions.


Other comments include:


"Great for managing [life's] disruptions"


"Powerful and positive"


"[The course gave me] lots of tools I can use independently to promote a greater sense of well-being"


"[I valued] hearing your feedback one each and every

issue or thought raised. You've been fantastic!"






If you're wondering what Mindfulness is all about, why not read our blog "5 Things That Mindfulness Is Not" and our blog debunking some of the myths about mindfulness -  here!


Audio Files


If you are attending a workshop, click here to access these files: Mindfulness Audio Files


If you are â€‹wondering what Mindfulness is, why not try this free 5 minute Mindful breathing practice and find out for yourself.  CLICK HERE!


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Evidence based Psychological therapies based in South London.

Contacting MindSurgery


Contact Mind Surgery London at mindsurgerylondon@gmail.com, to find out more about our Mindfulness workshops or individual therapy.  We can discuss any queries you may have before booking an initial appointment. Appointments are held in consulting rooms at private clinics in Herne Hill, East Dulwich and Clapham. 


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